The All Children Thrive Learning Network was formed on the basis of learning systems proposed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Institute of Medicine. We are using it as a way to harness multiple sectors addressing child wellbeing to work toward shared outcomes using shared improvement strategies.

We seek to emphasize prevention and health promotion and focus on child development through age 9 years. Our focus extends beyond the ‘absence of illness’ and include metrics that assess whether a child is thriving.

Our Principles

  • Equity is foundational to improving children's health
  • Children are the center of our work
  • Relationships, trust, and working together are essential for sustainable solutions
  • We all teach and we all learn
  • Daily work is action oriented and results focused 


Our Goals

  • Eliminate infant mortality
  • Disparity in hospital bed days between worst off and best off neighborhoods
  • Ensure all five year olds have a “healthy mind and body”
  • Eliminate disparities across neighborhoods in the health of children
  • All children read by third grade