articles & publications

articles & publications

Community Collaboration
2015 Oct

Explaining Racial Disparities in Child Asthma Readmission Using a Causal Inference Approach
2016 Jul 1

Mapping Neighborhood Health Geomarkers To Clinical Care Decisions to Promote Equity In Child Health
2017 Jun 1

Development of a Child Health Learning Network to Improve Population Health Outcomes; Presented in Honor of Dr Robert Haggerty
2017 Aug

Association of an Asthma Improvement Collaborative With Health Care Utilization in Medicaid-Insured Pediatric Patients in an Urban Community
2017 Nov 1

Pervasive Income-Based Disparities In Inpatient Bed-Day Rates Across Conditions And Subspecialties
2018 Apr

Using a Network Organizational Architecture to Support the Development of Learning Healthcare Systems
2018 Nov

Socioeconomic Characteristics of Neighborhoods where Youth in Out-of-Home Care Reside
2019 May

The Color of Health: How Racism, Segregation, and Inequality Affect the Health and Well-being of Preterm Infants and Their Families
2019 Jul

A Framework to Measure and Improve Well-Being in Primary Care
2020 Jan

Neighborhood Socioeconomic Deprivation is Associated with Worse Patient and Graft Survival Following Pediatric Liver Transplantation
2020 Jan

A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Novel Food Pantry in a Pediatric Primary Care Center
2020 Mar

Medical-Legal-Psychology Partnerships - Innovation in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Pediatric Primary Care
2020 Oct

The Social, Economic, Political, and Genetic Value of Race and Ethnicity in 2020
2020 Oct

The Clarity and Power of Using QI Amid a Crisis
2020 Nov

Deploying Community Health Workers to Support Medically and Socially At-Risk Patients in a Pediatric Primary Care Population
2020 Dec

Integrated Behavioral Health Prevention In Primary Care Change Package
2021 Jan

Cultivating Social Relationships and Disrupting Social Isolation in Low-income, High-disparity Neighbourhoods in Ohio, USA
2021 Feb

Rapid, Bottom-Up Design of a Regional Learning Health System in Response to COVID-19
2021 Feb

Center Variation in Long-term Outcomes for Socioeconomically Deprived Children's
2021 Feb

Building an Equitable System for Postsecondary Education Transition and Success
2021 Mar

Sociodemographic Characteristics and Patient and Family Experience Survey Response Biases
2021 Mar

Voter Participation is Associated with Child Health Outcomes at the Population Level
2021 Apr

A Combined Reach Out and Read and Imagination Library Program on Kindergarten Readiness
2021 Jun

Seven Practices for Pursuing Equity Through Learning Health Systems: Notes from the Field
2021 Jun

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Wait List Outcomes Are Only Partly Explained by Socioeconomic Deprivation Among Children Awaiting Liver Transplantation
2021 Aug

Trends and Geographical Variation in Population Thriving, Struggling, and Suffering Across the USA, 2008-2017: A Retrospective Repeated Cross-Sectional Study
2021 Aug