inpatient bed days

Ages 0-18︱Inpatient Bed Days: Keep children in school, at play and out of the hospital.

Addressing Disparities
There are dramatic disparities in the rate of pediatric hospital admissions across the 85 neighborhoods in our county. Low income and minority communities have significantly higher admission rates across many types of conditions. All Children Thrive partners have taken swift action to try to reduce these disparities.

Why are there disparities among neighborhoods?
Although a child from anywhere can be hospitalized for any condition, for an acute illness like pneumonia or a chronic condition like asthma, neighborhood-to-neighborhood disparities result primarily from different family and community influences and exposure. These include varying levels of stress, access to support and health-promoting resources, and the quality of the child’s surroundings. These upstream risks and assets play an undeniable role in determining who ends up in the hospital and who returns to the hospital over and over again.

Working together is key.
To address the many factors affecting these children, All Children Thrive partners have worked across hospital systems, clinics, schools, and with families to find new ways of supporting children. Ongoing relationships with Community Health Workers bridge the gap between neighborhoods, healthcare professionals, and available services in a peer-to-peer relationship. Together, the team has been finding support and solutions.