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The bi-annual Learning Session brings together parents, families and individuals from across multiple institutions in Cincinnati, who are learning and working together to transform the trajectory for our kids.

This event is a great opportunity to meet teachers, health care providers, parents and community members who are coming together to make a difference. 

During the Learning Session, All Children Thrive Network members have the opportunity to showcase their improvement projects and share lessons learned. Below are the storyboards that were featured at the previous two Learning Sessions.

May 2021

Welcome and Overview

State of the Network

#InThisTogether Celebration Video 3.0

Coming Up for Air

Ignite Talk 1

Mindful Music

Ignite Talk 2

Breakout: Equity and the COVID Vaccine

Breakout: “Don’t Be Surprised”: Understand and Account for Balancing Measures in Your Improvement Work

Breakout: Trauma Responsive Listening: Notice, Accept, and Invite

Reflections and Closing Remarks

May 21 Learning Session Resources and Links

December 2020

Welcome and Future of the Network

#InThisTogether Celebration Video 2.0

Ignite Talk

We Must Work Together

Community Engagement & Equity...Why They Matter

Together We Can Video


June 2020


Summer Celebration Video


Let Us Remain Hopeful


December 2019

Pride of the Network Video

Caring Families Reading Bears and More

Co-Production in the Community

Curriculum Intervention: Cincinnati Public Schools

Gamble RS 7-12 Literacy

Health Equity Collaborative

Imagination Library

Improving Immunization Rates

Improving Math Outcomes: Cincinnati Public Schools

Improving Quality of Standardized Action for ASQs

Integrated Behavioral Health

Learning Math Skills through CRA Strategies

Math Specialist Cincinnati Public Schools I

Math Specialist Cincinnati Public Schools II

Ohio's Prevention, Retention, and Contingency Process Improvement

Parents on Point

Positive School Culture and Safety: Cincinnati Public Schools 

Preschool Enrollment Partnership

Rising Strong

The Community Feast

Thrive at Five Collaborative

Truancy Prevention: Cincinnati Public Schools

Type 1 Diabetic Patients Blood Glucose Levels

Understanding Percentages & Fractions by Utilizing Models

Visit Level Excellence


May 2019

Caring Families Reading Bears and More

Community Health Worker Program 

Elevated Lead Cincinnati Health Department 

Elm Street Dental Home 

Emergency Department Utilization 

Flu Vaccination 

Improving Pediatric Primary Care Well Child Checks 

ImpactU Preschool Promise 

Integrated Behavioral Health 

Justice Promoters

Moving Beyond Depression 

Place Based Housing 

Preschool Enrollment 

QI-SEL Cincinnati Public Schools 

Rising Strong

Screening Process for Employability

Social Connections

Thrive at Five 

Thrive at Five Collaborative 


December 2018

Understanding Pathways to Housing Security 

The Power of Social Networks 

Community Activation 

Community Referrals 

CCPC: The Chronic Disease Model 

CCPC: Transitions of Care 

Parents on Point

Moving Beyond Depression 

Thrive by Five Collaborative  

Braxton Cann Health Center: Lead Screening

Elm Street Clinic: Dental Home 

Hopple Street Clinic: Lead Screening 

Millvale Clinic: Immunizations

Northside Clinic: Lead Screening 

PPC: Dental Home 

Price Hill Clinic: ASQ Screening 

CCHMC School Based Health 

Thrive by Five Collaborative: Hearing 


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