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The city of Cincinnati is home to about 66,000 children, more than 40 percent of whom live in poverty—the third highest rate in the nation.

Research led by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) shows that children in the five least healthy of the county’s 80-plus neighborhoods have a 20-fold higher hospital admission rate. As they grow, many of these children are not well prepared to enter kindergarten. Many are not reading proficiently at 3rd grade. Meanwhile, mothers in the five least healthy neighborhoods are three times more likely to have a preterm birth.

The All Children Thrive Learning Network is a collaboration launched by CCHMC and more than 30 other organizations to apply the science of quality improvement to some of the toughest, most complex problems affecting community health. The network represents an organized effort to reduce the massive health burdens caused by childhood poverty involving families these organizations are trying to help—not just as participants, but as leaders.

As a result, instead of a traditional focus on treating illness, our mission is more about helping children thrive.