third grade reading

Ages 4-9︱3rd Grade Reading: All Children Read by 3rd Grade

A strong reading foundation impacts a child’s ability to succeed in school and also in their future employment. Laying a strong foundation begins well before formal school. In fact, Children develop the skills to read as they learn to talk, listen, think and play from infancy on!

Research has shown that more than one in three children struggle when learning to read. This number is even greater when children do not have rich early childhood literacy experiences. Parents who talk, sing and read to children at home, children who receive a high-quality preschool experience and teachers who provide great reading instruction, help children develop skills they need to master all classes, develop social relationships and learn beyond school.

Since 2015, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) has joined the All Children Thrive Learning Network to improve reading outcomes for all students. Teachers and principals have been participating in training in order to improve every day. They carefully plan a course of action and use PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles to test whether it works. Then, they reflect on what they have done to learn how to get better.

Quality Improvement skills are paying off in CPS. Data show that the classrooms using Quality Improvement skills are improving faster than those that do not. CPS is now expanding their quality improvement work to improve math outcomes and school readiness. The relentless pursuit of improvement has tremendous potential.